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Electrical Devices

Circuit Breakers

1.1 Miniature Circuit Breaker.jpg
Miniature Circuit
1.2 Residual Current Circuit Breaker.jpg
Residual Current
  Circuit Breaker
1.3 Moulded Case Circuit Braker.jpg
  Molded Case
1.4 Air Circuit Breaker.jpg
Air Circuit
1.5 Automatic Transfer Switch.jpg
Automatic Transfer

Din-Rail Modular Devices

2.1 Isolator Switch.jpg
Silent contactor.png
2.3 Modular Signal Indicators.jpg
2.4 Modular Bell.jpg
Stair Case Timer.jpg
Isolator Switch
Silent Contactor
Modular Signal        Indicators
Modular Bell
Stair Case Timer
Cylindrical Fuses

Power Contactors & Thermal Overload

3.2 Power Contactor With DC Coil.jpg
Power Contactor
   With AC Coil
3.2 Power Contactor With DC Coil.jpg
Power Contactor
   With DC Coil
3.3 Thermal Overload.jpg
Thermal Overload

Power Factor Compensation

4.1 Power Capacitors.jpg
Power Capacitors
4.2 Reactive Power Controllers.jpg
Reactive Power Controllers
4.3 Capacitor Switching Contactor.jpg
Capacitor Switching Contactor

HRC Fuses & Bases

5.1 NH Fuse & Fuse Base.jpg
NH Fuse & Fuse Base
5.2 Switch-Fuse.jpg

Current Transformer

Ring Type Current Transformer.jpg
Ring Type Current            Transformer

Panel Meters

7. Panel Meters.jpg
Panel Meters
6.2 Split Core Current Transformer.jpg
Split Core Current            Transformer

LV Surge Protection

8. LV Surge Protection Devices.jpg
LV Surge Protection              Devices
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