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BETA(BE) Electric is one of the biggest manufacturer of all type of Metal Enclosures, LV Switchgear and its components such as: MCB, MCCB, ACB, LV CONTACTORS and relays, RCCB, LV current transformers etc., with local activities in both Egypt and Turkey. We give 2 years' guarantee for our products, which are produced as per IEC/EN standards.

The "Beta Electric" range of products is identified by a wide variety of basic specifications and global requirements by offering a complete range of products and low voltage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

This comprehensive range of premium products offered by "Beta Electric" is manufactured according to the best value, taking the International Standards into consideration and has never been neutral about them, which led to the solid conviction and satisfaction of our clients.

By concentrating on the market growth, "Beta Electric" has implemented a variety of standards and technologies to keep bound with the internal and external changes in the business environment, as well as building strong foundations for further growth to achieve a World-Class quality production.

All working procedures integrated stages from design, testing, throughout production & quality, to marketing and after-selling services are implemented with the guarantee of ISO 9001.

All products are being manufactured in according to their International Standards such as IEC, EN.

The company always commits to obtain the testing certifications for all products through internationally approved laboratories.

"Beta Electric" where the quality comes first..

We pursue to become a Leading & Significant Brand.

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